Important points for developing dating apps like bumble and hinge

  • Age
  • Location
  • Description
  • Gender

Closeness is very important in the case of bumble and hinge apps. This app will display the only profiles which are nearby your location and within the km of area, you have selected in that.

Geolocation is highly needed in this app through which it can fetch your location and show the profiles to you accordingly.

For dating app development like bumble and hinge you can get a clear idea about the app development process, technology stack, and monetization strategy

All the users can set discovery settings based on age, gender, and distance. Its free version allows the user to set the distance to 10 miles. They can also set a default distance pattern where you don’t need to set the distance.

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This feature is the same as in tinder. If the user likes the profile they can swipe right for and if they want to dislike they can easily swipe left.

This feature occurs after the profile which you liked likes you back. Matchmaking depends on the swipe you make. If the profile which you swiped right also swipes you right then it will show you that “It’s a Match”.

But there is a case that if the profile matched are from the opposite gender then anyone can start the conversation first otherwise if the gender is opposite only females have the liability of starting the conversation.

You can get this feature once your profile is perfectly matched. Women can video call directly if she wants to but the men can video call only after the female starts the conversation.

This is a very important feature for any dating app. Because this is the feature which will remind you constantly. It will give alert messages to the user if there is any new match or any messages.

There is a new feature added in the dating apps that is backtracking. Users can backtrack and un-swipe the profile which they have accidentally swiped left. But this feature is available in the premium version only.

This application provides a super swipe option to show that you have swiped the profile directly. This can be possible by clicking on the heart button.

Dating app admin panel features

Admin panel features can vary with the requirements of the client but here is the list of basic features of the admin panel.

User management: This feature can help you to see all chats and reports for a user. This is the main feature of the admin panel.

  • App development process

If you want to create your own dating app for the first time then first you must upload its MVP version if the MVP gets success then you can create a fully developed app.

Ideation:- First of all you need to make a rough idea about creating a dating app like bumble and hinge.

Unique features:- It’s just for suggestions that don’t exactly use the clone features of the bumble and hinge app but also add some unique features into it that can make your dating app look attractive and unique.

Target audience:- You should do good research on a targeted audience. One should never develop any app before knowing your audience.

Development:- After the proper design has been done of the app you must start developing the app. You can develop your app on different platforms like Android and iOS.

QA testing:- You should not directly launch the app after the development is over but you should hand it over to your testing team. The testing team should check whether the app is running properly or not and if there is any error or not.