Coming Up With A Dating App Concept

If your dating app specifically targets 20-35-year-old musicians who are looking to date other musicians – get ten single musicians together to form your focus group

The point of any dating app should be to make dating easier, more convenient, more effective, or at least, more fun. Nobody needs just another dating app, people need the right dating app that will actually serve their needs. When developing or evaluating your dating app concept, consider the following questions:

  • Who Are You Helping? Knowing your customer is everything. Not every dater is the same. A 20-year-old millennial dater may be looking for something totally different than 50-year-old recently divorced dater. If you want to know how to create a dating app that wins – first decide who you will serve and identify the pain points that they have with dating. Also, find out why consumers in that segment have trouble meeting their dating goals with current solutions. The more you know about your user, the better you will be able to serve them.
  • How Are You Helping Them? Once you know your consumer’s goals, it will become easier to figure out how to help them. Identify what your customer truly seeks and design a solution that helps them meet that particular goal. No one wants another app that “helps singles find dates” – but millions might want to use “an app that helps millennials find long term relationships with people of similar interests” or “an app that helps divorcees meet one another to form new relationships” or “an app that helps single parents have fun with other adults”. It’s not necessarily always about being niche, but it is always about providing a real solution to a real problem.
  • How Are You Different? Consumers aren’t typically loyal to just one dating app, in the same way that most people have profiles on multiple social media platforms. If your concept isn’t different enough, why would users stay on your app instead of using the three other dating apps they have installed on their smartphone? Knowing how to start a dating app requires out-of-the box thinking – be creative, be innovative; do something new. When everyone else is releasing swipe-based dating apps, figure out how to create a strong video-based dating app concept. When everyone else is focused on interest-based matching, consider perfecting the “mystery match” angle. I can’t say exactly what will work for you, but I can tell you what definitely will not work for you – reusing the same technology and concepts that dating consumers have seen a million times already.

Proving The Demand

It is a fact that people want to date, and that people are open to using technology to help them. It is an only assumption, however, that your concept is the right one to help them meet their dating goals. Prior to your dating app development (before even touching the first line of code, it is important to prove that singles would even be interested in using the dating app concept that you have developed.

Instead of jumping the gun and immediately hiring your local dating app developers; start by blueprinting your idea to visualize how it will look, then have the app designed. Develop a low-function (or no-function) demo or prototype, or in some cases, even a well-put-together app video will do.

Create a focus group of individuals within your specific demographic. Show them the demo, ask them questions about their thoughts and encourage them to give feedback; open up the floor and allow them to ask you questions about your concept. By going through this focus group process, you will realize one of three things about your dating app concept: